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Pitallal Walking tour Church
Pitallal Walking tour finds Yellow old taxi

This walk is our easiest and designed with senior citizens in mind.  

We will begin this walking adventure by riding the public bus to the outskirts of Central Pitillal.  The leader will teach you how to understand the bus routes and which bus goes where. You will also learn how to pay and what to say so you will have the confidence to take the buses around Puerto Vallarta alone in the future.  

Pitillal today is a colonia (neighborhood) of Puerta Vallarta.  It started out a hundred years ago or more as a riverside rancho several miles upriver from the Bay.  Over the past several decades Puerto Vallarta engulfed Pitillal however it retains its small-town feel.  

The major draw of Pitillal is the commerce.  It is laid out in a grid pattern and for a 7-10 block square it is made up mostly of traditional family owned shops.  During the walk the leader will set a slow pace as we glance into nearly every shop.   Some of note the leader will enter and introduce you to the owner.  You are welcome to enter any shop that strikes you.  The tour may continue to the end of the street and before turning  left or right the leader will make sure all the group are accounted for.  

Before lunch we will visit the main plaza area and the main church. 

We will stop for lunch at a local family's Mexican restaurant (not included) and relax for up to an hour before continuing to walk.  After lunch we will wonder some streets deeper into Pitillal.  If there is a desire, the leader will take you a few blocks up a hill to get a good view over Pitillal and across Puerto Vallarta to the bay. 


Restroom opportunities are endless and most cost 10 peso.  Stores and Tiendas are everywhere.  

We will conclude the tour with catching a return bus.  Some may get off at different stops depending on your lodging location.  Others may even decide to linger longer in Pitillal and return on a later bus or even utilize a taxi, Uber, DiDi , InCar.  Price should be less then 200 pesos or $10USD.  


  • Walking Difficulty: Easy  (some broken uneven sidewalks, step-ups)

  • Meet at 10:00AM in the Romantic Zone - exact location will be in your email confirmation​.

  • We conclude the walk around 3-4 PM at the return bus stop.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and have water or other hydration. 

  • Bring a rain umbrella (rainy season June to October)  We do not cancel when it rains we celebrate - It is approximately  5 degrees  cooler during a rainstorm.  We may consider a cancellation in the event of a hurricane.  

  • Lunch (not included) usually around 1 PM

  • Bring Pesos for shopping - many of the smaller merchants do not take cards.  

  • Price is $45 per person ($49.50 in 2024) with prepaid reservation or $50 ($55 2024) payable to the trip leader.

  • The public bus ticket is not included - only 10 pesos each way.  The trip leader will instruct the group on how to recognize the destination and route of buses in general and how to pay so you will feel comfortable traveling on the buses alone in the future)

  • Price does not include customary tip for the adventure leader.  (we recommend 20% minimum.)  

  • Trip available upon request.  Please email

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Pitillal Walking Tour Adventure

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