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Puerto Vallarta Walking Adventures Sustainability Statement 

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At Puerto Vallarta Walking Adventures, we hold steadfast to a profound commitment to sustainability that guides every facet of our operations. We recognize our role as stewards of the remarkable natural and cultural heritage of the Puerto Vallarta area, and we take this responsibility to heart. Our sustainability journey is not merely a choice but a duty we uphold with unwavering dedication.

Preserving Nature's Splendor: We embrace the responsibility of safeguarding the extraordinary biodiversity and pristine landscapes that grace Puerto Vallarta. Our tours are thoughtfully designed to minimize our ecological footprint, ensuring that the delicate balance of the region's ecosystems remains undisturbed by our tours.  It is for this reason that we embrace public transportation.  All of our regular weekly tours utilize walking and the public bus.  We also follow the mantra take only photographs – leave the rest for the creator’s intention.  We also leave no trace so we are dedicated to disposing of every piece of potential litter in its proper method and place. 

Empowering Local Communities: Our ethos extends beyond environmental conservation to encompass the social fabric of the communities we engage. We prioritize collaboration with local artisans, businesses, and guides, empowering them economically and culturally, thereby contributing to the flourishing tapestry of Puerto Vallarta.

Cultural Respect and Awareness: We celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of Puerto Vallarta and approach every interaction with a deep respect for its heritage. Our local guides are ambassadors of both the natural beauty and the cultural significance of the area, fostering meaningful connections that transcend tourism. In addition to the reduction of our impact on the environment since we take already scheduled public transportation, we feel riding the bus with the local community who’s public spaces we will be trekking gives our visitors the opportunity to mix, observe, and communicate with them in their daily routine better appreciating the circumstances of their lives. 

Reducing Waste and Carbon Impact: We are committed to reducing waste and minimizing carbon emissions. Through mindful practices and continuous improvement, we strive to set a positive example for sustainable tourism. From energy-efficient operations to responsible waste management, we tread lightly on the environment.

It is for this reason you will see our guides often with a trash bag picking up trash along the trails and paths we traverse to make it cleaner and better then when we found it.

Education and Awareness: We believe in the power of education to inspire change. Our tours are designed to be enlightening experiences, providing guests with insights into the delicate ecosystems, local traditions, and the importance of preserving these treasures for generations to come. 

Advocacy for Change: We understand that sustainability requires collective action. As advocates for responsible tourism, we engage with local authorities, organizations, and guests to promote sustainable practices, influence policies, and create a lasting impact.

Personal Wellness:  The pursuit of holistic personal wellness, encompassing both mental and physical vitality, bears consequential effects on our environment, albeit often obscured. This symbiotic relationship between individual well-being and environmental sustainability reveals itself through a range of interconnected mechanisms.

Primarily, a robust state of physical health translates into reduced reliance on vehicular transportation. The vitality to engage in walking or cycling, as alternatives to automobile trips, emerges as a substantial outcome. This not only curtails carbon emissions but also nurtures the cultivation of eco-friendly habits. Over time, heightened engagement in walking and biking extends beyond daily routines, influencing vacation preferences. Such preferences foster a flourishing market for tours and activities that align with these active modes of exploration, thereby bolstering a sector that champions sustainable alternatives over fossil fuel-powered luxury buses.

In addition to the palpable ecological benefits, a fit and resilient physique yields an intrinsic advantage in terms of medical resource management. By maintaining good health, individuals can mitigate the strain on healthcare systems, freeing resources to cater to those who lack access to medical services. This pivotal redirection of medical attention enables the addressing of issues that transcend the realm of lifestyle choices, thereby contributing to a more equitable distribution of care.

Elevating society toward a state of comprehensive well-being holds the promise of optimizing finite resources. The transformation into a healthy populace empowers us to allocate our limited resources judiciously, focusing on challenges that demand interventions transcending the scope of individual health practices. Ultimately, the alignment of personal well-being and environmental responsibility begets a cycle of enrichment that enriches lives, nurtures the planet, and propels us toward a more sustainable future.

Join us on a journey that transcends tourism and embraces a sustainable legacy. Together, we forge a path that honors Puerto Vallarta's natural wonders, uplifts its communities, and preserves its heritage for the world to cherish. Every step with Puerto Vallarta Walking Adventures is a step toward a more sustainable future.


GARBAGE COLLECTION HIKES AND WALKS: Occasionally we host a free 3 hour walk or hike where we collect trash and debris along the way.  PVWA will provide the trash bags and the leadership.  We will usually meet at the Lazaro Cardenas Park in The Romantic Zone and take a local public bus to the area we shall walk.  You should wear a large sun hat and bring a pack to hold your water and snacks.  Also consider gloves to protect your hands and a bandana to wipe sweat away from your eyes. 

You can also preorder a safety vest of bright reflective color and a mechanical trash stick to help from bending over too much. It is not essential but if you plan to join us often or go out making an impact on your own you will be better prepared.   These tools will be yours to keep - we will not provide them.  (Order with your walk reservation $25USD)

Follow our Facebook page for notifications on our free trash collecting hikes.  

Click here for Trash Collection Walk/Hike Reservations

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