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Puerto Vallarta Taco Tour & Eating Adventure

Puerto Vallarta Taco Tour Panchos Tacos
Puerto Vallarta Taco Tour Peace Taco Stand

Join us on this Puerto Vallarta Taco Tour - a culinary adventure that promises to elevate your taste buds with a delightful array of authentic Mexican tacos and traditional beverages. Embark on a guided tour through the charming Emiliano Zapata Neighborhood (Romantic Zone) of Puerto Vallarta, where we will savor at least seven diverse and delectable tacos and other samples from various favored stands and restaurants. Participants will not finish the tour hungry.  

Our mission is not only to indulge in the finest tacos but also to provide you with invaluable knowledge on what constitutes a great taco, amazing salsa,  and how to order like a regular at any taco stand or restaurant.

Throughout the 3 hour tour, we will cover about 10 easy blocks, immersing ourselves in the rich flavors and cultural significance of each taco we encounter. A key aspect of this experience is understanding the distinct fillings and salsas that compose each taco, enabling you to make informed choices based on your preferences.


For example, if you do not like or eat pork, then avoid the El Pastor Tacos,  they are traditionally made from Pork.  

While we won't be able to taste from every establishment, we will certainly discuss and share insights about many along our route. In particular, we'll engage in notable conversations about the iconic "Pancho's Takos" and the "Farmacia Guadalajara Taco Stands."

Rest assured, after this enriching journey, you'll have become a taco aficionado, equipped with the expertise to indulge in your own self-guided taco meal experience, leaving you utterly satisfied and fulfilled knowing that you will have ordered correctly and have the knowledge base to choose the best salsa to match your unique taste pallet.  

***** A fun & delicious stroll around the Romantic Zone (A 5 Star Review)

TripAdvisor Review: Puerto Vallarta Taco Tour (a walking and eating adventure) July 28, 2023

"With a couple of days to myself, I decided to join this taco tour. Zero regrets and I'd do it again with friends or family. It was a great way to scratch the surface of what tourists may typically see when visiting. I would have never discovered these amazing stands, restaurants and vendors on my own. Kudos to both Josue and Jimmy for a fun evening stroll around the Romantic Zone - I was indeed very full, so don't ignore the advice to skip or have a light lunch beforehand."

*****Delicious! (A 5 Star Review)

TripAdvisor Review: Puerto Vallarta Taco Tour (a walking and eating adventure) August 1, 2023

"Jimmy & Ever were amazing guides besides the delicious street tacos, churros. They kept us safe & answered all our questions patiently. They even accompanied us to the grocery store & waited for us until our Uber ride arrived.
Also, it was only the 4 of us in this tour but they did not cancel. It made our food tour more personal. Thank you Jimmy & Ever!"


  • Walking Difficulty: Easy (although watch your step on the broken or cracked sidewalks) This adventure is rated for seniors or children.  We will not walk fast!

  • Meet at 5PM in the Romantic Zone (exact location and directions are in email confirmation)

  • Bring a rain umbrella (rainy season June to September)  

  • Bring Pesos for extra shopping - none of the taco stands accept cards and many of the smaller merchants do not take cards.  

  • In the unlikely event we only have 1 participant for the tour, we will not cancel  - our guides do not like to stay home.  

  • Price is $45 per person ($49.50 in 2024) with prepaid reservation or $50 ($55 2024) payable to the trip leader.  

  • Price does not include customary gratuity for the trip leader (we recommend at least 20%)

  • Included in the price is an initial large bottle of water, at least 7 tacos (or similar) several glasses of traditional agua frescas, and other food and beverage samples.

  • Additional beverages or even alcoholic beverages not included.  You may purchase soft drinks, flavored infused waters or even alcoholic beverages in cash.  

  • Trip scheduled weekly usually on Mondays and Thursdays

  • For same day reservations you may email us at to check if same day space is  available.  We would love to have you on the tour!

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Puerto Vallara Taco Stand and Street Tacos
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