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Maraposas Sign found on our Vallarta Botanical Gardens Hike
Horcones River at Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Don't just visit the Vallarta Botanical alone and wonder around aimlessly.  Tour with our university-trained naturalist.  Listed below are some of the major benefits. 


Expert Knowledge: Naturalists with university training have a deep understanding of botany, ecology, and related fields. They can provide detailed information about the plants, their habitats, and their ecological significance.

Educational Experience: Naturalists can offer structured and informative tours that cater to the interests and knowledge levels of the participants. They can explain complex concepts in an understandable manner and engage visitors through interactive learning experiences.

Species Identification: A trained naturalist can identify various plant species within the botanical garden, pointing out rare or unique specimens and explaining their characteristics and significance.

Ecological Insights: Naturalists can discuss the ecological relationships between different plant species, as well as between plants and other organisms such as pollinators, herbivores, and symbiotic partners.

Conservation Awareness: Naturalists often highlight the importance of conservation efforts and the threats facing plant species and ecosystems. They can raise awareness about the need to protect biodiversity and preserve natural habitats.

Cultural and Historical Context: Naturalists may provide insights into the cultural and historical significance of certain plants, including their uses in traditional medicine, folklore, or cuisine.

Personalized Experience: A guided tour with a naturalist can be tailored to the interests of the participants, allowing for a more personalized and enriching experience.

Inspiration and Appreciation: Naturalists can instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world, inspiring visitors to develop a deeper connection with nature.

Overall, touring the Puerto Vallarta botanical gardens with a university-trained naturalist can enhance the educational value of the experience, deepen one's understanding of plants and ecosystems, and foster a greater appreciation for the natural world. 

Meet in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta and bus to the Botanical Gardens approximately an hour away. Along the route the guide will point out and discuss many interesting features including the OXXO with the world's best view, Boca de Tomatlan, Rancho's of Las Juntas and Los Veranos, and especially the sites of the filming of the Hollywood movies "Night of the Iguana" and "predator." 


At the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, we immediately will have access to a restroom.  Then we will have opportunity to apply bug spray and then we will walk  through the gardens for an hour and half or more exploring the major plantings, hot houses, and the vanilla plantation.  


At about 12 pm we will take an hour break at the main center of the Botanical Gardens so that one may explore the gift shops and have lunch in their award-winning restaurant (Hacienda de Oro) with fabulous views over the Gardens and canyon.  You may also revisit any areas of the garden you wish to explore more in depth.  


After lunch we will enjoy a quick hike down to the river (15 minutes)  and explore some of the river and spend up to 2 hours swimming, resting, and frolicking in the calm river waters. (Bask in the sun on a large rock surrounded by the gentle waters of the river or choose a rock in the shade.)   At about 3 pm we will hike back to the Botanical Gardens (10 minutes)  for more shopping, restaurant, restrooms, and last stroll through some planting beds before we catch the bus to return to Puerto Vallarta.  


Included: Garden admission


Return to Puerto Vallarta around 4-5 PM.  

Guide is usually Abraham who is a naturalist with a university degree in Natural Science and who formally worked at the Botanical Gardens as a guide and also does whale watching trips and Crocodile discovery tours.   See his biography under "Guides"  


  • Walking Difficulty: Easy to Moderate  (a few hills and dirt gravel paths and stairs) The distance of walking is not long however we do have stairs to climb back from the river. 

  • Meet at 8:30 AM in the heart of the Romantic Zone (exact location and directions will be in your email confirmation after reserving.  

  • Return approximately  4-5 PM

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, hat, and have water or other hydration. 

  • Bring a rain umbrella (rainy season June to October) and recommended for hot sunny days for personal shade.  We do not cancel when it rains we celebrate - It is approximately  5 degrees  cooler during a rainstorm.  We may consider a cancellation in the event of a hurricane.  

  • In the event we only have only 1 participant we will not cancel if you reserved directly through our website - our guides do not like to stay home.  But through a tour consolidator site like Viabor, Expedia, or other minimum numbers of participants required. 

  • Lunch (not included) usually around 12 PM

  • Price is $49.50 per person plus VAT with pre reservations or $55 USD plus VAT payable to the trip leader (if space still available) in cash.  Children (12 and under) $29.50 USD plus VAT.  Teens price $39.50 USD plus VAT. 

  • Price does not include customary tip for the adventure leader.  

  • Price does not include the public bus which currently is about $2 each way.  (50 pesos) Guide will give lesson taking public bus and how to pay.  

  • Trip scheduled weekly usually on Fridays

  • Email us at if you have a group (4 or more) and wish to arrange this tour on a different day then regularly scheduled.  

Puerto vallarta botanical garden aztez
Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden Big Orchids
Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens Big fountain.jpg
Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens Vanilla sign.jpg

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