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Palo Maria Waterfall 

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Embark on a delightful journey with your family on our most gentle yet captivating hiking adventure to a favorite Puerto Vallarta waterfall. Crafted especially for families with young children, this hike offers an exploration that promises unforgettable memories. The trail, cocooned in shade of the jungle canopy from start to finish, follows the meandering small river (more of a creek in Winter,) offering a constant opportunity to cool off in its soothing waters on the way to the famous Palo Maria Waterfall.  Diverse pathways await, allowing you to select your preferred river experience, whether it's clambering over river boulders or strolling along a more tranquil path. The choice is yours to make, tailored to your preferences.

Our expedition commences with a brief 10 -15 minute stroll which our guide will discuss life inside the Romantic Zone for residences, snow birds, and tourists.  This will be followed by a very scenic 20 minute bus ride from Puerto Vallarta, transporting you outside the bustling city along the way the guide will point out interesting points of interest such as Conchas Chinas and Ziva Cove. Stepping off the bus, we seamlessly transition into our riverside hike, occasionally wading through the gentle flow of the river, usually never exceeding knee depth. 

The essence of our tour is to gift the young ones in your family an adventure of river and jungle, etching indelible memories into their hearts. For them, it will feel as though they've journeyed deep into the heart of an untouched wilderness, far from modernity. Yet, rest assured, parents, for essential services remain within reach. Should your group prefer, there are predominantly flat trail alternatives that hug the river's edge, maintaining comfort without compromising the sense of exploration that children crave – not to mention the relief of occasional river immersion.

This hike is intentionally curated to evoke the ambiance of an authentic jungle escapade – a mirage that fades when faced with the undeniable reality of the magnificent Palo Maria waterfall. Renowned as the epitome of romantic cascades within the expansive bay area, its breathtaking beauty stands as a testament to nature's artistry.

Amidst our adventure, we'll dedicate a generous 1-2 hours to bask in the refreshing embrace of the waterfall's crystalline pool. Here, nature's grandeur sets the stage, offering ample colossal boulders perfect for relishing your packed meals. Please bear in mind, there are no vendors in this pristine sanctuary of the Puerto Vallarta Palo Maria Waterfall, so ensure your family is well-equipped with sustenance.

Upon our descent downriver, the afternoon warmth encourages us to pause at additional pools, rejuvenating spirits and bodies alike. As we rejoin civilization at the road's edge, a bus will return us to Puerto Vallarta's Romantic Zone. Anticipate arriving between 2 and 3 pm, enriched by a day that blends the tranquility of nature with the cherished bonds of family. 


  • Walking Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (dirt trails, wet slippery rocks)

  • Meet at 10:00AM in the Romantic Zone - exact location will be in your email confirmation​.

  • We conclude the Palo Maria Waterfall adventure around 2-3 PM in the Romantic Zone nearby to where we caught the bus that morning.  

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, and know your shoes will get wet. 

  • Bring plenty of water or other hydration, and food. 

  • During the rainy season this tour is only by request and not regularly scheduled due to the fast changing conditions of the river during heavy rains or rains high in the mountains.  

  • Our adventure hikes only to the first and largest of the Palo Maria waterfalls.  Beyond this Puerto Vallarta waterfall there are several more (smaller and less impressive) however there are extremely dangerous cliffs to climb where one is on ledges holding on to ropes.  We feel it is too dangerous.  Therefore, we do not lead groups past the first and most impressive waterfall. 

  • There are no restroom facilities on this trip.  Therefore, we keep the trip under 4-5 hours.  

  • Price is $49.50 USD plus VAT per adult with prepaid reservation or $55USD plus VAT payable to the trip leader if space is still available.  Children 12 years of age or younger $19.50 USD plus VAT.  Teens are 13 to 19 years of age $39.50 USD plus VAT.   

  • The bus tickets are included.  Guide will pay and coordinate with the driver. 

  • In the event we only have only 1 participant we will not cancel if you reserved directly through our website - our guides do not like to stay home.  But through a tour consolidator site like Viabor, Expedia, or other minimum numbers of participants required. 

  • Optional private transportation option starting at $459 USD for SUV up to 6 people.  Mini bus also available. Please email us for quote and date availability

  • Price does not include customary tip for the adventure leader. 

  • Email us at if you have a group (4 or more) and wish to arrange this tour on a different day then regularly scheduled.  

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Puerto Vallarta Waterfall Hike.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Waterfall & Jungle Hike

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