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Why Join a Puerto Vallarta Walking Adventure Tour?

Puerto Vallarta Walking Tour or Walking Adventure
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At Puerto Vallarta Walking Adventures & Tours, we are firm believers in embracing the art of cultural tourism exploration - where walking, light exercise, and adventuring are elevated to an unrivaled level of significance compared to mere "touring" and "sightseeing." Unlike conventional walking tours that confine you to the typical tourist hotspots, limiting your journey to just a few blocks, we have meticulously designed our adventures to strike the perfect balance between light to sometimes moderate physical activity and an extensive coverage of the most captivating destinations.

As we enter the hot summer season we have made some of the longer walking/hiking tours "request only."  If you would like to reserve any of the tours that do not show availability, please email us at info(AT) 


Summer Special - Purchase 2 different walking adventures from us directly and get a 3rd free. 

(see FAQ page for full details)

Customizable Private tours now available with our guides and a driver.  

Surburban (or similar- up to 6 people) from $559 USD Email for quote

Van (sprinter or similar - up to 12 people) Email for quote

Luxury Bus (up to 40 people) Email for quote

Walk into a world where our curated trips unfold beyond the monotonous recitation of historical facts and figures. Our energic, youthful acting, and honorable trip leaders eschew the mundane and focus on delivering valuable insights into the contemporary purpose and cultural significance of sites we encounter. Rather than inundating you with dates of construction for instance, we illuminate the past and present-day relevance, enriching your experience with a profound understanding of their importance.

Prepare to break free from the confines of the touristy hubs as we take you on extraordinary walking escapades, introducing you to the heart and soul of authentic Mexico. Our daytime adventures span a leisurely 5-8 hours, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the vibrant tapestry of the locale. For our evening tours, we offer enchanting three-hour sojourns, providing the perfect blend of education, relaxation, and exploration.

Elevate your travel experience with us at Puerto Vallarta Walking Adventures, where each step is an invitation to discover the genuine essence of Mexico, all while savoring the joy of an active and enlightening journey."

We rate our trips on three levels: Easy, Moderate, and Difficult.  The average person will have little difficulty on a Easy or Moderate walk.  Generally, we never walk for more than a few minutes without stopping to point out some unique feature or interesting character. 


We will have a meal break (cost not included) generally around 1 pm.  We have also mapped out multiple restroom facilities along the routes we walk. There will be ample opportunity for shopping along the way and the trip leader is flexible if you need to dash into a shop for a purchase that cannot wait. 


Clink the links below to take you to a detailed description of each adventure.  Reserve your trip in advance for a discount price.  Trips will fill up as we keep our walking adventures small so reserve early.  

We also have guides available for custom arranged tours and adventures. Our guides are also available to assist with translating for non Spanish speaking temporary or permanent residences who need help during appointments with government agencies, doctors, etc. They can also assist with shopping trips.  Send us an email to 

Coming very soon are guided excursions to San Sebastian, Mascota, Talpa, Tequila, Guadalajara, Tonala, Tlalapaque, and Mexico City.  

You may also email us at to check if space is available last minute same day reservations - love to have you!

"Don't Just Tour,  Adventure!"

We do not plan on collecting email addresses and spamming you with weekly newsletters so please follow or like our Facebook page to receive our updates on your terms.

Puerto Vallarta Walking Adventures Facebook Page  

Puerto Vallarta Walking Tour Plaza de Arms
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Puerto Vallarta's Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish (Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe)


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